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Lake Geneva Motor Coach Packages!

Thank you for visiting our Group Tour page. We welcome overnight stays! We offer competitive Suite rates along with breathtaking views of Lake Geneva! Our staff is experienced in building motorcoach packages that are affordable and wonderfully memorable.

Call 262-248-2100 ext. 121 for more information | email:

Motor Coach Packages



The Perfect Mystery Trip!


$80 per person (Minimum 30) Tour
(2015 March, July, September, November, 2016 January, March)| 1st Wednesday-Thursday of the month

  • 10:30am Arrival to Bella Vista Suites or Celebration on Wells.
  • 10:45am Meet and Greet with Joe Esposito (See below)
  • 11:15 am 60’s Trivia Game with great Elvis prizes!
  • 11:30am The Day Elvis Met the Beatles Film
  • 12:30pm Elvis Favorites Foods, Buffet Lunch and Elvis Music by an Elvis Impersonator
  • 2pm Departure Parting Gift: Each attendees recieves a signed book, Elvis, Intimate and Rare" fromJoe Esposito. (This is a great book that is a collection of Joe's personal photos that he took during the 17 years he spend with Elvis and also some that were given to him by his friends. It shows Elvis just being himself on movie locations and on vacations with his friends and family).

Joe Esposito is universally recognized as the most credible source on Elvis Presley. Born in Chicago, Joe met Elvis while serving in the Army in 1959. The two became fast friends and, after their discharge in 1960, Joe became Elvis’s right hand man and then became his road manager. He was best man at Elvis and Priscilla’s wedding in 1967. Joe never missed a concert. He was there to walk him on stage for every performance.

Joe was present the day that Elvis passed away. Joe tried to perform CPR until the paramedics arrived. In the days following, Joe served as the chief spokesman for the entourage and stayed on with the estate for a year, cataloging the massive inventory. Joe continued to road manage multi-million dollar tour and road shows for the “Bee Gees” in 1979, John Denver in 1980 and The Carpenters in 1981.

In 1982, Joe launched “The Sterling Coach Company” -- a limousine company in Hollywood but was lured back to the road in 1987, when he was hired to work on the Michael Jackson’s “Bad” tour. Joe also wrote a book in 1994, “Good Rockin Tonight”, for Simon and Schuster, appeared on numerous television shows, radio programs and public appearances including, “Entertainment Tonight”, “The Larry King Live Show”, “Nightline with Ted Koppel” and “Good Morning America”.

He is currently traveling around the world doing talks about his life with Elvis. Whatever Joe does he is inextricably linked to the memory of Elvis, and is in constant demand as a public speaker and authenticator of Elvis Memorabilia.



Presentation History Tour Barns

Lake Geneva-Celebration $60 Per Person

This is a “can’t miss tour” as Tom E. Laughlin shares an amazing presentation of his old barns to groups, which he has done for years. People absolutely love it! He says, "I continue to be completely amazed at the passion so many people have for our old barns! “It is a real treat for me to bring the shows to groups and interact with them on it -- it's always a great time and I really enjoy it, and they do too!”

This unique tour has been created to the many people everywhere who just plain love our old American barns and the stories that go with them. As the era of our old wooden barns passes from them being part of an active farming scene to becoming historical relics, we are left with some of them still standing and some actually still functioning, albeit in various forms of repair, condition and operation. As long as they are here we have the chance, and we believe the duty, to capture and portray their stories now, while we still can, because it won't be long before they are all gone, except for those tokens preserved as examples of how things used to be.

Through the help of Wisconsin Public Television those shows started appearing on PBS stations across the country in 2006/2007 and the latest episode in the series is finding its way onto PBS stations across the country right now!

In appreciation for Heartland Stories, Bella Vista’s Heartland Team has partnered with Tom Laughlin to create this unique and fun tour.

Sample Itinerary:

  • 10:30 am Arrival at Bella Vista Hotel, Lake View Lobby for a Presentation of "American Barn Stories & Other Tales from the Heartlands"
  • 12noon Farm Home-style Country Buffet with Down Home Country Music!
  • 1pm Departure for a Step on Tour from Tom Laughlin and see firsthand the incredible barns and hear the stories that go with the barns.
  • 2:30 Departure. Each attendee leaves with a token gift of appreciation for Barn History Complimentary for Driver and Escort (Minimum of 20 required + driver and escort)



Rich History & Mystery of Lake Geneva

$50 Per Person Tour Availability Tuesday-Thursday

Guests enjoy a fascinated narrated step on tour around Lake Geneva. First stop, Lake Geneva Museum. Here the incredible stories of long ago, the beautiful homes, some “interesting” scoops followed by a buffet lunch and great music!

  • Arrival: 10:30 at the Bella Vista Hotel on the Shores of Lake Geneva, Meet and Greet with step on guide, Bella Vista Tour Host
  • 10:45am-Visit Lake Geneva Museum
  • 11am-Narrarated Lake Geneva History and Mystery Tour
  • 12noon-Enjoy a great Buffet lunch, Trivia Game, fun prizes and great music!
  • 1:30 pm Departure
  • Complimentary for Driver and Escort Minimum 20 + driver and escort