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  • In Suite Himalayan Salt Lamps

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  • Viva La Diva

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The Heartland Spa and Fitness Studio

Lake Geneva Spa at Bella Vista Suites

In appreciation of our hotel guests and local community members, Bella Vista Hotel would like to offer new wellness enhancements available for hotel guests and valued community members.

Heartland Spa + Fitness Resort, known as the #1 Destination in the Midwest for Weight Management and Lifestyle Retreats was located in Gilman Illinois.  Heartland owner, Harold Lebovic semi retired to Florida and contracted with The Positivity Space Wellness Management Company to locate a hotel to integrate to carry on the Heartland Weight Management Retreats that has been very successful over the last 32 years.

The Positivity Space Wellness Management Company connected The Bella Vista Suites Hotel and Heartland Spa. Harold Lebovitz and the Bella Vista Hotel Board agreed this was a great fit as both hotels are passionate about inspiring others to begin or sustain a wellness lifestyle. Heartland Spa and Fitness Resort was known as the #1 Midwest Destination for Weight Management Retreats. The home of Heartland Spa and Fitness Studio will now be located at The Bella Vista Suites Hotel on the beautiful shores of Lake Geneva.  We are privelaged to have Harold Lebovitz as a frequent guest at Bella Vista Suites Hotel and he will continue to be very much a part of The Heartland Spa and Fitness Studio programming.

The Heartland Fitness Studio, offering Yoga, Barre and many more classes will be coming soon!! Hotel guests and local community members are welcome to meet the dynamic fitness team, experience their positive energy and join the classes!

For more information visit the Heartland Spa located at Bella Vista Suites in the Lake View Lobby area. | 262-248-2100

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Our “Girlfriends Getaway” that combines “girl fun” AND “fitness”. Enjoy a one night stay that focuses on inspiring women to have fun, relax and celebrate friendships!

This package includes:

  • BFF Bonding candlelight yoga classes overlooking the beautiful Geneva Lake
  • Side by Side Massages! One 60 minute Soul Serenity massage per person
  • Complimentary wine tasting for two or four
  • The stay concludes with a “Celebrating Beautiful Friendships” lantern release moment on the Bella Vista pier, overlooking Geneva Lake.

Plan ahead, call or email the Heartland Spa and order your In-Suite Lavender Aromatherapy Lightly Diffusing in Air of your Suite upon arrival!

4+ Guests $99.00 per person

Double $139.00 per person

Single $189.00 per person

Package pricing above reflects package pricing only.  Room rate will be an additional charge based on the night selected.

For more information call Heartland Spa 262-248-2100  | or visit the Heartland Spa located in the Lake View Lobby of the Bella Vista Suites Hotel


Do you get too busy to take time out for you?

Perhaps you just don't have the time and resources for a Sabbatical?

Is it time to grab a book, unplug and just rest and restore your mind, body and soul? 

This lake front mini sabbatical offers our hotel guests a secluded, mindfulness experience to rest, experience positivity and restore a peaceful mind. Our holistic hotel is a comforting and quiet space for you to enjoy spa services, relax in the jacuzzi and enjoy an easy-read inspirational book that offers 7 interconnected principles to elevate your success in balancing work and home life.

This package includes:

  • One Signature Soul Serenity 60 minute Massage at the Heartland Spa or In-Suite. (In Suite Additional $30 Per Massage)
  • Complimentary Wine Tasting for Two at Lake Geneva's Wine Studio
  • Himalayan Salt Jacuzzi Experience in Your Suite, offering a soothing opportunity to relax, loosen your tired muscles and prepare yourself to fully absorb the  beneficial properties of our massages. 
  • One Private Slow Breathing and Meditational Session that includes Lavendar Aromatherapy with a breathtaking view of Geneva Lake
  • The stay concludes with a Wishing Lantern Release Moment on the Bella Vista Pier, overlooking Geneva Lake.

Single $299.00

Double $269.00 per person

4+ Guests $169.00 per person

Package pricing above reflects Mini Sabbatical package pricing only.  Room rate will be an additional charge based on the night selected.

Spa Day Serenity 

Spa Day Serenity


  • Prior to Massage - 30 Minute Mind, Body and Soul Breathing and Meditational Setting
  • One Sole Serenity Massage - 60 minutes
  • Complimentary Aroma Therapy



Soul Serenity Massage


Soul Serenity Massage

60 Minute Swedish  $85
90 Minute Swedish  $130

60 Minute Deep Tissue  $105
90 Minute Deep Tissue  $150

See below on the wellness enhancements tab for additional wellness options for our clients looking to discover an even higher level of wellness.

This massage surrounded by warm glowing Himalayan Salt Lamps, calming music to slow down your heart rate, breathing and change brain wave patterns to reduce stress levels creates the ultimate space of mind, body and soul serenity. We encourage our clients to relax in the whirlpool located in the pool area, or relax in their In-Suite jacuzzi prior to their massage to ultimately loosen their muscles to recieve the ultimate benefits of their massage.

Massage Enhancements:
Our therapists will guide you in our Essential Oil Mixology Session -Create your customized essential oil blend where your blend will be lightly infused in your massage lotion or massage oil. $20

"Sole Treatments "-give a little love to your resting feet with an added 15 minutes of soothing massage. $20

Side By Side Massage


Side By Side Massages

60 Minute Couples  $170
90 Minute Couples  $260

60 Minute Deep Tissue Couples  $210
90 Minute Deep Tissue Couples  $300

This massage is full of positivity with the use of our Himalayan Salt Rollers that provide a little deeper muscle penetration and more soothing flow of massage movements. 

This couples massage surrounded by warm glowing Himalayan Salt Lamps, calming music to slow down your heart rate and breathing that changes your brain wave patterns to reduce stress levels, creates the ultimate space of mind, body and soul serenity for you and the special someone with whom you are sharing this relaxing experience.

We encourage our clients to relax in the whirlpool located in the pool area, or relax in their In-Suite jacuzzi prior to their massage to ultimately loosen their muscles to recieve the ultimate benefits of their massage.

Massage Enhancements:
Let our team guide you in a Essential Oil Customized Mixology Session! Create your customized essential oil blend that will be infused into your massage lotion or oil. $20

"Sole Treatment "Foot Enhancements-give a little love to your resting feet with an added 15 minutes of soothing massage. $20

Please contact the Heartland Spa for additional assistance to further enhance your experience with Champagne, rose petals, and more dream setting options.

Tiger Shell Enhancement


Tiger Shell Massage

60 Minute  $125
90 Minute  $170

For hundreds of years, South Pacific Islanders have harvested beautiful Tiger Striped Clams for food, and then thrown the shells away. Lava shell is a 100% natural tiger clam shell. It is sourced in the Philippines and is collected from a food waste product. This not only provides food but also jobs for the local industry on the island. The locals prepare the shell for use in massage by sand polishing them in to a smooth tool and gluing them back together and cutting a small hole to place the sachet inside the shell. This all natural, self-heating technology combines a blend of food-grade minerals with water, this unique system creates a consistent, reliable, and powerful heat, without electricity. These simple, all natural ingredients create no harmful byproducts and are environmentally friendly.

The Benefits of Heat*

There are several benefits to heated treatments including:

  • An increase in extension of soft tissues
  • Relaxation of sore, stiff muscles and arthritic joints.
  • Deeper relaxation and pressure
  • Removal of toxins from cells
  • Enhanced blood flow
  • Increased function of tissue cells

We encourage our clients to relax in the whirlpool located in the pool area, or relax in their In-Suite jacuzzi prior to their massage to ultimately loosen their muscles to recieve the ultimate benefits of their massage.




Be sure and check out our Viva La Diva package that includes massages, wine, BFF Lantern Release over Lake Geneva and much more!

For more information email | 262-248-2100 or visit Heartland Spa located in the Lake View Lobby of The Bella Vista Suites Hotel.

For more information email | 262-248-2100 or visit Heartland Spa located in the Lake View Lobby of The Bella Vista Suites.


Essential Oil Mixology Session

Massage Essential Oil Enhancement in your lotion or massage oil. $20

Enjoy a Mixology Session with our Essential Oils! Our Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils are guaranteed to be 100% pure and natural and free of synthetic compounds or contaminates. They are subjected to rigorous mass spectrometry and gas chromatography testing to ensure extract composition and activity. Our pure essential oils represent the safest and most beneficial essential oils available today.

  • PURE—100% natural, no artificial ingredients, fragrances, or fillers
  • SAFE—Certified to be free of pesticides and other chemical residues
  • POTENT—Standardized active compounds

Equally stringent standards of safety and efficacy are applied to all of our Essential Wellness products. Guided by a Scientific Advisory Board and Health Care Professional Committee, our Oil Company uses only top development and manufacturing partners who maintain GMP certification and enjoy industry reputation for superior innovation and quality work product. Each essential product is guaranteed to exceed customer satisfaction for quality and efficacy.

Purchase your own Essential Oil and Diffuser at The Heartland Spa located in the Lake View Lobby of The Bella Vista Suites Hotel. Purchase your Diffuser and Oil in advance and we will have your new Diffusing Essential Oil Aromatherapy lightly diffusing in your Suite upon arrival! $92

Purchase your today! Contact | 262-248-2100



take time to give them an extra 15 minutes of love!
15 minutes - $20

Balance and Harmony

Homeostasis is when all the body’s systems are working in harmony with one another to bring about a state of balance. A foot massage can encourage homeostasis so that good health can be obtained.

Energy and Rejuvenation

Foot massage is restorative in that it gives the receiver energy. When the foot is rubbed and palpated, all the elements of a foot massage come together to bring energy to the body. According to theories of reflexology, foot massage releases any blockages that can hold back energy that should be flowing through the body freely.

Enhancement of Immunity

Stimulation of reflexes in the feet through massage is an action performed to bring about relaxation and healing. Relaxing the body through foot massage may prevent the harmful effects of stress from taking a toll on the body. A regular foot massage can offer protection against the many diseases that are associated with stress.


Seaweed Facial

60 Minutes - $110

Our Seaweed Facial is rich in beneficial minerals, vitamins amino acids and trace elements. In fact, seaweed contains virtually every mineral found in the ocean - a concentration nearly identical to the minerals found in human blood. The positive effects of seaweed on other health conditions - including menopause relief and many other conditions we face. Through a calming process that often consists of several steps, the facial works quickly to reveal smooth, refreshed, glowing skin. It infuses the skin with a "diet" of minerals and vitamins, which eliminate impurities and toxins and leave the skin soft and hydrated.

If the promise of vibrant skin isn't enough, consider this: Greek mythology suggests that Aphrodite, the goddess of love who rose from the water, owed her beauty to the plants of the sea. Her dewy skin may just be advertisement enough for this nurturing, pampering treatment.

You GLO Girl!


60 Minute $95
90 Minute $135

Our estheticians will begin with a thorough assessment of your facial skin. This will help them professionally assess the skin and determine the products that will be of the greatest benefit. Steam is then used to open the pores and remove impurities from the skin. A gentle cleanser is then used to clean the skin. This step is followed by a toner that is appropriate for your skin type. A facial mask is used to soothe and refresh the skin as well as to add moisture. At the end of the massage, a moisturizer that is appropriate for your skin type will be applied.

Our estheticians will customized your facial treatment based on your skin type. If you have dry skin, a moisturizing mask will be used to help add moisture to the skin. A rich moisturizer will also be used at the end of the treatment. Oil free products will be used for people with oily skin.

Our Facial massages are very beneficial for wrinkles. The facials increases the blood circulation to the muscles of the face, which helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. There are over one hundred muscles in the face and massage helps to relax these muscles. This is particularly effective for wrinkles that result from muscle contractions, such as laugh lines and worry lines.

Our estheticians are very knowledgeable in massage techniques. Along with your face our estheticians gently care for your arms, neck and shoulders are massaged as well. This is great for stress relief.

Once you have had your facial, you will want to keep your skin in good condition at home. Use a gentle cleanser that is not drying in the morning and at night. Invest in good quality anti aging creams to minimize wrinkles and prevent new ones from forming. It's important to choose creams that are good for your skin type and the condition of your skin.


Ageless Classic Beauty Facial

60 Minute $95
90 Minute $135

Our estheticians will begin with a thorough assessment of your facial skin. This will help them professionally assess the skin and determine the products that will be of the greatest benefit. Steam is then used to open the pores and to uncover any impurities in the skin. A gentle cleanser is then used to clean the skin. This step is followed by a toner that is appropriate for your skin type. A facial mask is used to soothe and refresh the skin as well as to add moisture. At the end of the massage, a moisturizer that is appropriate for your skin type will be applied.

This anti-aging treatment is designed to combat wrinkles, brighten up dull skin and leave you with a more youthful look and a great way to improve your complexion and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Here’s a close look at some of the top benefits of anti-aging facials at our spa:

Exfoliates the Skin at a Deeper Level
Even though most facials include basic exfoliation with a scrub, the anti-aging facial goes one level deeper with the addition of a facial buffing tool, a Galvanic facial scrubbing device, or a microdermabrasion treatment. Exfoliation helps to slough away dead skin cells to reveal the fresher, more youthful skin cells underneath. This process also helps to increase circulation to the skin’s surface, which helps with cellular renewal.

Moisturizes Dehydrated Skin
Many people with aging skin have very dry skin, or notice flaky and rough patches appearing on the cheeks, along the jawline, and on the forehead. Some anti-aging facials include the application of hyaluronic acid and emollient-rich moisturizers which help to increase the moisture level of your skin. The facial may also include the use of a Galvanic device, which helps to regulate the moisture level of the skin’s surface, and also drives topical products deeper into the pores.

Improves the Texture and Tone of Your Skin
Anti-aging facials can improve the texture and tone of your skin by increasing circulation to the skin’s surface, and making your skin appear smoother. Gentle massage and the application of light pressure to various parts of the face can help to contour, shape and define your facial features, and also help to create a more sculpted appearance.

Slows Down the Aging Process
Are you noticing fine lines and wrinkles appearing around your eyes, nose and mouth? Anti-aging facials that include glycolic acid treatments, collagen-infused serums, and hyaluronic acid can restore the skin’s firmness and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Getting these facials regularly can help to keep your skin looking fresh, supple, smooth and young.

Reduces Appearance of Age Spots or Broken Capillaries
If your anti-aging facial includes light therapy treatments, you may be able to say goodbye to age spots and broken capillaries for good. Light therapy treatments can help to restore your skin at a deeper level, and will help to rejuvenate and strengthen your skin from inside out. You will need to undergo a series of these treatments to see results, but you can expect dramatic changes in your skin within a few weeks!

Keeps Skin Looking Youthful
You don’t have to wait for wrinkles to benefit from an anti-aging facial. These facials will keep your skin looking youthful and beautiful, and may ward off many of the signs of premature aging. Plan to get these facials at least once per month for optimal benefits.

In-Suite Enhancements

Deep Sleep Eye Mask

Restful sleep is vital to restoring balance in your waking life. Our Deep Sleep mask works with magnetic energy, negative ions and far infrared technologies to calm your body as it quickly moves to the stage of rejuvenation. Mask cover is woven
from silky-soft, all natural thermostatic fabric, promoting a more youthful appearance. Experience deep, restful sleep. We recommend our guests take home their Deep Sleep Eye Mask to sustain restful nights.

$70 Upgrade


"Celebrating Love" $30

Ceremonial Lantern Release* celebrating your love. Enjoy a moment in time, release your lantern over Lake Geneva and celebrate your love as you both watch the glowing lantern rise to the beautiful night sky.

Lantern Releases are done with zero wind conditions. If wind is present our guests take home their Wishing Lanterns (with a complimentary wishing mantra) to be launched at their convenience with ideal weather conditions.


In-Suite Jacuzzi Himalayan Salt Bath


Enjoy your Suite Jacuzzi and soak in a Himalyan Salt Bath!

Be sure to request your Himalayan Salts to be in your Suite at the time of booking or book online.

Our Fair Trade Himalayan Bath Salt Crystals contain 84 essential minerals, more than any other salt, such as magnesium, potassium, bromide, and calcium, they are readily absorbed into the skin. Naturally harvested from mineral-rich ocean waters that dried and crystallized 250 million years ago. If you have never experienced a soothing warm salt bath, let your first experience be in your Bella Vista Jacuzzi Suite.

Natural Himalayan salt minerals help the nervous system, relieve stress, can relieve water retention and restore a healthy calcium balance, which strengthens bones and nails. Our salt contains potassium, which you need for your blood after exercise, and which you need for moist, glowing healthy skin and all-over energy.

$15.00 4-6 oz. per bath (16oz)

Himalayan Salt Lamp


Enter your Suite and enjoy the beautiful sight of a Himalayan Salt Lamp. Please contact the front desk or The Heartland Spa to assure your Suite has a Himalayan Salt Lamp upon your arrival. 

We encourage everyone to surround themselves with the cleanest air possible. The Himalayan Salts are the best kept secret to creating your own space of clean air and positivity. Every day we are surrounded by electrical devices that emit unhealthy ions. (i.e. computers, television, indoor lighting, ect.) These unhealthy ions absorb into our skin causing us to experience unexplained feelings of stress, anxiety and tension. The Himalayan Salt Lamp releases healthy ions into the electromagnetic field that combat the unhealthy ions. By removing the unhealthy ions emitted from the electrical devices, it allows us to create spaces of positivity, removing all environmental stressors. Medicinally Himalayan Salts release ions that decrease allergens in the air and alleviates symptoms of respiratory and sinus ailments. The healthy ions released from the Himalayan Salt Lamps are the same healthy ions that are released from the oceans or bodies of water. That is why when we are at the ocean we typically feel less symptoms of respiratory challenges and aches, instead feelings of positivity take over! Once you experience the will not only appreciate the beautiful ambience the lamps create, but also the health and wellness benefits.

Our Himalayan Salt Lamps are available for purchase at The Heartland Spa. Lamps start at $30.00.

In Suite Aromatherapy + Diffuser

"Love is in the Air" $92

In-Suite “Love is in the Air” Aroma Therapy and Diffuser* to enhance your stay we encourage you to pre-order a soothing in-room massage for you or a couple’s massage. Taking your suite to premium level, we invite you to experience a beautiful Himalayan Salt Lamp for your suite along with our premium essential oils with diffuser. In hopes of encouraging you to continue your wellness lifestyle enhancements, we ask that the Himalayan Salt Lamps, essential oil and diffuser are tucked in your overnight bag to make the trip back to your home.  Please visit this page to add wellness lifestyle enhancements to your suite. (See details on Diffuser and Oils below)

The Essential plant oil Diffuser is a small, user-friendly diffuser that delivers health-promoting benefits to your family and home. It has a relaxing mist and soft white ambient light, making it ideal for nighttime diffusion, and can cover up to 330 square feet. 1, 2, and 4 hour diffuser settings

Join us in March to experience our Himalayan Salt Sauna with its tremendous health benefits, complete with aromatherapy and chromo therapy!

Spa Policies

Cancellation Policy

Reservations must be changed/canceled at least 24 hours prior to the appointment time. Failure to do so will result in 100% of the service charged to the credit card on file.

VIP Health Conditions for Spa Service Modifications

You are very important to us. To assure your spa experience is perfectly customized to meet your physical ailments or disabilites, please notify our spa team member when booking your treatments if you are pregnant, have allergies, diabetes, high/low blood pressure, or if you are taking any medications.  We need to prepare our staff in advance so we can provide the best possible spa treatment or therapy for you.


As Ambassadors of Wellness we are pleased to welcome our valued community members and hotel guests to join us in our Fitness Classes. The Fitness Team has been carefully selected as they are true examples of what Fitness Leaders should be; consistent motivators, enthusiastic and genuine passion to assist others in reaching their fitness goals and sustaining their level of weight management. Our team not only brings a high level of positivity to members but they truly "walk the talk" of wellness by giving back to the community for local volunteer events or reaching out to those in need of wellness services. As always, the feedback from members and guests is invaluable. We will be adding additional classes based on feedback and requests.




10am-Lake View Yoga


10am-YOGA-Breathe and Soothing Guided Meditation






9am-African Dance


9am-Breathing and Stretch Meditation

Yoga: As we are on the shores of Lake Geneva, we have the perfect view of Lake Geneva...our candlelight classes will be held on our patio, on our Bella Vista Pier and also in our Heartland Fitness Studio complete with candles and Himalayan Salt Lamps. If you think of people in seemingly impossible and weirdly twisted poses when you think of "Yoga", then you may have an inkling of what yoga is, just an inkling that's it. Yoga is much more than those poses. Derived from the Sankrit word "yuj" which means "to unite or integrate"; yoga is a 5000 year old Indian body of knowledge. Yoga is all about harmonizing the body with the mind and breath through the means of various breathing techniques, yoga postures and meditation. 

(Our Yoga Classess will be modified for the attendees from more advanced poses to soothing guided "rest your mind" meditations. Visit our Private Session web page for one on one classes that are available to our members and hotel guests.)

HIIT: LOSE FAT + GAIN MUSCLE + GET FIT This team training, led by personal trainers will have you in great condition in half the time with functional and sports inspired exercises like calisthenics, plyometrics kettle bell, intervals and strength training. Experience a spirit of teamwork and camaraderie as you push yourself and your TEAM to the next level.  Metabolic Team Training is the most effective way to improve your cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance and scorch calories all done in an encouraging, upbeat and fun environment. All fitness levels welcome. Hiit your Goal!! Team Training Pricing 3x/week Sessions 1x/week Sessions Hiit it! This team training is an additional fee.

Barre and Beyond: Our barre-based classes use a combination of postures inspired by ballet and other disciplines like yoga and Pilates. The barre is used as a prop to balance while doing exercises that focus on isometric strength training (holding your body still while you contract a specific set of muscles) combined with high reps of small range-of-motion movements. We also incorporates light handheld weights to bring the burn during all those reps, as well as mats for targeted core work.This class is ideal for men and women and we encourage our guests and members, if you have never tried it, please do! You will be hooked!

ExerobicsTM: This signature class was created by our very own, Linda Moritz! Definitely a favorite of all times, as this class provides basic multifunctional exercises combined in smooth combintations to strengthen, tone, build cardio respiratory and muscle endurance.  It also is proven to improve posture, flexibility, mobility and grace.

Hip Hop: This high energy class has a variety of music to appeal to all ages. This class is a superb calorie burner and provides a total body tightening and toning! 

African Dance: This class is very popular for those that have always appreciated the movement of dance, but have not stepped out to fully embrace the freedom of movement, style and body toning through the art of dance. The vibrational music and the atmosphere is so unique that there is no need to have "experience" in dance or proper dance moves, a mind, body soul experience not to miss!

SPLISH SPLASH: This class is created for FUN with the throw back music and very effective for core strengthening, balance and toning without any pressure to your joints. 

Greet the Day Walk: This is a 45 Minute guided walk that begins in front of Bella Vista with a stretch and daily intention. A great feature of this class is the comaraderie as the group briskly walks around beautiful Lake Geneva!

Himalayan Salt Sauna Session: Bella Vista is one of the only Hotels in the Midwest to have a Himalayan Salt Sauna, complete with Chromo Therapy and Monthly Featured Aroma Therapy! This unique spa experience provides 100% relaxation and peace from the inside out. We recommend our guests and members to experience the wellness benefits of the healthy of the healthy ions, color therapy with complimenting aroma therapy prior to their massages or facials. 

Life Guide Session: These sessions are confidential and invite the guest or member to vent or share any goals, thoughts, concerns, fears with a certified life coach, in a quiet peaceful setting with Aromatherapy Lavender Tea and a warmed Himalayan Salt Pillow offering core warmth and comfort. This experience to release any inner thoughts without judgement can free you and open up your soul, finding the momentum and joy in creating your journey to be extraordinary.

Massage: We encourage our members to reward themselves for a sustaining a lifestyle of fitness with one Soul Serenity 60 Minute Massage each month. However, as genuine Ambassadors of Wellness we will give this in the form of a Gift Certificate as our members can transfer this massage as a "Pay Wellness Forward" to a special someone who deserves a massage, perhaps a caretaker, mother, father or anyone that deserves a "thank you" gift of a gentle soothing massage. 

Membership Appreciation Day: 20% off Masssages and every Wednesday


Ruby Package: Unlimited Fitness Classes*(Excludes HIIT)  | Himalayan Salt Sauna and Chromo Therapy Sessions | Whirlpool | Underground Parking | Heartland Spa Member Appreciation Day for Massages | 15% off Himalayan Salt Lamps and Essential Oil/ Diffusers  

$55 Per Month | Annual $500

Sapphire Package:  Unlimited Fitness Classes*(Excludes HIIT)  | Himalayan Salt Sauna and Chromo Therapy Sessions | Whirlpool | Underground Parking | Heartland Spa Member Appreciation Day for Massages  | 15% off Himalayan Salt Lamps and Essential Oil/ Diffusers | One Life Guide Session Per Month (1hr)

$65 Per Month | Annual $600

Emerald Package: Unlimited Fitness Classes*(Excludes HIIT)  | Himalayan Salt Sauna and Chromo Therapy Sessions | Whirlpool | Underground Parking | Heartland Spa Member Appreciation Day for Massages| One Soul Serenity Massage Gift Certificate Per Month |15% off Himalayan Salt Lamps and Essential Oil/ Diffusers

$95 Per Month | Annual $900

Diamond Package: Unlimited Fitness Classes*(Excludes HIIT) | Himalayan Salt Sauna and Chromo Therapy Sessions | Whirlpool | Underground Parking | Heartland Spa Member Appreciation Day for Massages and Facials | One Life Guide Session Per Month (1hr) | One Soul Serenity Massage Gift Certificate Per Month |15% off Himalayan Salt Lamps and Essential Oil/ Diffusers

$145 Per Month | Annual $1500

1x week 54.95
2x week 94.95
3x week 199.95

Member Upgrade for HIIT CLASS:
1x week-$34.95
2x week-$74.95
3x week-$99.95

Email: | Call: 262-248-2100

PRIVATE Fitness Sessions for Guests | Groups | Members

Private Yoga Sessions, Group Yoga Classes and Pilates Fusion Sessions

Begin, expand, or explore your wellness practices with one-on-one private yoga or pilates fusion sessions uniquely planned to meet your specific needs--or bond and create community with small group classes for wedding parties, families, or team building.

Private Yoga Sessions

Discover the beauty of Yoga and You.

Private yoga sessions for one provides a setting in which your beautiful individuality can be addressed.

One-on-one session: 60 minutes includes a 15 minute guided meditation (Yoga Nidra).

Enjoy the opportunity to begin a yoga practice with personal guidance or deepen your existing practice with a personalized yoga session.

60 Minutes - $100

Group Yoga Classes

Group Yoga

As Bella Vista is located on the beautiful shores of Lake Geneva, we have the most peaceful and breathtaking view of Lake Geneva. Enjoy a candlelight sunrise or sunset yoga stretch. Weather permitting our private yoga sessions are held on our Bella Vista Pier.

50 Minutes - $150.00 Groups of 5 or more

1 Hour Semi Private
(2-$50 per person)
(3-$35per person)
(4-$25 per person)

Pilates Fusion Sessions


The perfect class for those who want to begin, expand, or explore your wellness practices with one-on-one private yoga or pilates fusion sessions uniquely planned to meet your specific needs--or bond and create community with small group classes for wedding parties, families, or team building.

$150 For Group of 5 or More

1 Hour Semi Private
(2-$25 per person)
(3-$35 per person)
(4-$25 per person)

Meet the Heartland Spa and Fitness Team Leaders

Linda Moritz - Director of Fitness


Linda Moritz is the Director of Wellness for The Positivity Space Management Company, who assists in the hiring, training of staff and as class instructor at our wellness management locations.  We are excited that Linda will be teaching various classes including her popular and effective trademarked Ex-Aerobics class.

Linda has extensive education and experience in the fitness industry.  Linda has a signature class that has been rated #1 over 20 years. She created and trademarked, Ex-Aerobics, the perfect class that delivers great physical results and more fun than you can imagine! She holds 18 certifications including ACE, ESA, SCW, Yoga, Pilates, Spin, Zumba, Tai Chi, Aquafit, Health Coach, Personal Training and Innovative Corporate Teambuilding Programming. She has over 19 years of experience in fitness and wellness programming for luxury resorts, working with over 70 resorts designing their fitness and wellness programs. Linda teaches internationally and is a highly sought after consultant to the resort industry in the area of wellness.

As a personal trainer and health coach, Linda has trained a President of the United States, several celebrities and thousands of people around the world. Her graceful style, extensive knowledge and her positivity are a tremendous asset in building our team and enhancing our wellness modules.


Deborah Wrate - Fitness Team Leader

My passion is empowering others with a sense of wellness and wholeness. As a fitness professional I encourage and bring people to a level of personal best." Deborah


Deborah Wrate is part of The Positivity Space team located at our Headquarter location. Her energy and style has evolved beautifully throughout her 27 years in fitness. Her signature class is BARRE + BEYOND where she choreographs her class to perfection. She is well known for her fun and effective classe, for that reason she is one of the most sought after instructors due to her positive energy and results driven classes. as a licensed group fitness instructor and certified trainer, she is a trainer at our wellness management locations throughout the USA. she is currently one of our very dynamic team leader instructors at Bella Vista Suites in Lake Geneva, WI.

She is affiliated with IDEAFIT, AFAA and Les Mills.


Amber is a tremendously positive asset to the team. With her passion for fitness, her incredible love of life and the adventures it offers she enjoys travel and sharing her expertise on FUN fitness and the power of positivity! She has been in the industry 15 years, teaching classes, retreats and personal training. She has most recently embraced corporate teambuilding, introducing the mixology of FUN and FITNESS in the business world by facilitating innovative teambuilding options that elevate morale and escalate the path to business success. She is certified in Turbo Kick, PiYo, Hip Hop Hustle, TRX, personal training, cycling, Insanity, p90x, Pilates and Ballistix.



"I also love some of these that all describe a little about who I am and my passion for people, life, and apple pie. My Mantra: Go. Be. You.

'There is nothing more incredible then watching someone with an inner confidence take on their life not through perfection but all the imperfections. A hot mess of bold action, a make it happen, learn on the fly kind of person than a perfectly organized coward.' -Brendan Burchard.

That's it, we are all here on this journey of life together, we are here to empower one another to live our best lives. Ftiness has been a large part of my life since a young age. I trained at the elite level of gymnastics for ten years under Kevin Brown and Bela Karolyi. My gymnastics career was the catalyst for my passion in fitness and my driving force to major in worksite health promotion and dance at Winona State University. I have been teaching classes, retreats, personal training for the last 15 years, I am certified in Turbo Kick, PiYo, Hip Hop Hustle, TRX, personal training, cycling, Insanity, p90x, Pilates and Ballistix." -Amber Crowell


Lauren has been teaching since she was 16 years old.   She knew immediately in that moment seeing/feeling the class laughing, letting go, and diving into their own body (colorfully) was a dream come true!  The dream keeps on going. Her classes are an investment of self-discovery unleashing the inner giggle…to release any fear of what you hold within (un-locking it in process).  What is inside you? Will it roar back at you?  Or sing to you in absolute want of change?  In class you have the opportunity to look deep into the eyes/soul of it on any level you choose and remember the childlike/play-full quality to take on and freely establish strength of mind/body!  The body/mind is celebrated integrating your own positive flow through/follow through.  You put in what you want from it.  You have that choice.  How exciting is it and can be and will be for you to have an adventure into your body, which can stretch/ground you into a place of mindfulness.  The dance of yoga.   The dance itself.  The yoga of breath breathing into your own livelihood.

Your limbs, your taste, your imagination---feeling your senses in a dynamically delicious way!   Lauren’s passion is endless!  She embraces each of her student’s individuality to comprehend their unique style.  Non-stop open communication.  Student’s sensations of safeness unwind and the fire is lit-inside! The stage is set and the student owns their spotlight performing to their best ability. The audience of self-love applauding… the journey begins.

Lauren's 20 years of teaching dance and constant observation of humanity created a belief everyone has a dancer/yogi within. Lauren believes it is about letting go, celebrating the beauty of moment, and embracing the life core of the dance through body movements. Lauren is passionate about many types of dance such as hip-hop, modern, African and Latin. The dynamic force of integration explodes, full vibrant color from within. Dance with everything. Dance without fear. In moving truth. Her style and choreography isn't about perfect's about stepping outside your routine and uncovering the colors and amazing vibrations within. Let the spirit flow with the breath of life.


Justin has over 10 years in the hospitality industry.  He is a current owner and Instructor of an Anytime Fitness. He enjoys partnering with boutique fitness studios, bringing his personally designed premium fitness class, HIIT. These classes are packed at his location as they are intense, results drive and offer sustainability. He has always been in the fitness community and is committed to motivating people to become the best they can be physically. He has consulted everything from gyms to restaurant healthy menu planning. He has many hobbies, one of his favorite is simply engaging with people and inspiring them to sustain their entrepreneurial goals.



Is your group a fit for teambuilding?

Definition for teambuilding: Teambuilding is a process that develops cooperation and teamwork within a work unit. To constitute an effective team, its members must share a common goal, have respect for each other, and be motivated to use the strengths of each other to achieve their objectives. Current corporate philosophy stresses that each member of a team plays an intergral part in the success of the company.

We understand that these days, many people prefer on-site meetings as opposed to off-site meetings that pull them away from their families. We want to make sure that group attendees that stay at the Bella Vista, leave knowing that they had an effective meeting, but also the time with their colleagues was extra special and they have positive impactful take home memories from their stay at the Bella Vista, extraordinary.

One of our most simple and  favorite options is our Lantern Release: This non time consuming experience that is very impactful. As we are steps away from Lake Geneva we encourage a Lantern Release into the night sky overlooking Lake Geneva. Encourage attendees to set goals, celebrate achievements or release anything holding them back in taking the next steps on their journey to success both personally and professionally.

$30 Per Lantern
$25 Per Lantern-6 or more lanterns
$20 Per Lantern-10 or more

Adventure Hunt Teambuilding:

Team size: 5 people per team | Program Length: 1-2 hours | Pricing: $20 pp

This fun downtown Lake Geneva teambuilding event introduces attendees to the rich history and many fun locations in downtown Lake Geneva! This is a non-facilitated, timed scavenger hunt, designed to generate group enthusiasm and camaraderie as players compete with other groups to achieve the winning Lake Geneva’s 2015 TEAM SYNERGY WINNER medallions!

Sole Mates

Team Building: Team Size: 5 people per team | Program Length: 1-2 hours | Pricing: $35.95pp

Fun pedometer activity where groups compete in a race to follow the clues around historical downtown Lake Geneva, each destination will have a Bella Vista Gold Star. Each attendee is wearing a pedometer. This is a timed race. Groups will return to Bella Vista after 2 hours. The accumulated number of steps in each group plus the amount of collected Gold Stars wins the Lake Geneva 2015 Gold Star Medallions!

History and Mystery Lake Walk

Scavenger Hunt Team Building:

Team Size: 5 people per team| Program Length: 1-2 hours | Pricing: $35pp

This is a facilitated, fun, educational and challenging teambuilding experience where attendees work together to solve puzzles, take digital photos and much more very creative challenges as they discover the incredible history and mystery on the shores of Lake Geneva, just steps away from Bella Vista Suites.




Elizabeth and Dara Vino

We are so pleased to host a Barre Certification Class, which will be lead by two dynamic and talented sisters, Elizabeth and Dara Vino, founders of Definitive Barre Fitness .  Definitive Barre training company was born out of an increasing need and fast expanding audience for Barre Fitness Training expertise. The sister duo pooled their knowledge, experience and lifelong passion for Dance, Fitness, Education, and Body Mechanics to develop an Instructor’s Certification that was immediately approved nationally by AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America). AFAA granted DBF’s Barre Instructor Certification programs 5 CEUs for the Level I and 3.5 CEUs for the Level II (advanced instructors only) respectively. Definitive Barre Fitness is partnered with The Positivity Space Wellness Management company as they (DBF) are the  National Barre Fitness Trainers for The Positivity Space managed hotels, resorts and corporate campus's.


LEVEL I - Certification: Saturday, April 11th, 2015/11:00am – 6:00pm

LOCATION: Bella Vista Suites Heartland Fitness Studio
SIGN UP CONTACT: Heartland Spa + Fitness Studio 262-248-2100 ext. 121 | 

Master Barre Class (1 hour):
The Certification day begins with a one hour Master Barre class from 11:00- 12:00pm on Saturday, April 11h, 2015

This class is open the first hour up to Hotel Guests & Members. (10.00 or hotel voucher for hotel guests). The number of attendees will be limited to studio size in addition to the 15 spots already taken by participants of the certification.


Students/participants in the Level I Master certification will be charged $599 per person.
A non-refundable 25% deposit 
($140.00) will be due from each participant on Friday, March 27th, 2015.
Deposits will be sent to Definitie Barre Fitness. The Heartland Spa will be responsible for collection of said deposit. Any remaining balance is due no later than 11:00am on the day of certification, Saturday, April 11th, 2015.


(1) Seven hour AFAA approved for 5 CEUs workshop (includes a one hour Master Class)facilitated by two Master Barre Instructors: Elizabeth Vino & Dara Vino (if the participant total is below 15 people, it will be Elizabeth Vino)


(1) Seventy plus page Definitive Barre Fitness Color Training Manual©™ for each student in attendance which contains:

  • (1) Professionally filmed DVD of a one hour Barre Class led by Elizabeth Vino
  •  Framework and timeline to conduct an effective Barre fitness class
  • Music playlists set to Barre choreography in Barre class flow
  • Over 200 color pictures of Barre specific choreography
  • Background & History of Barre, Musicality & Counting, Glossary of Terms (French, Sanskrit, English) Class Flow, Equipment Guidelines and Use, Modifications and Adjustments, Correct Form
  • Written Barre Class Templates and Barre Class Build-tos
  • Practicum, written final exam and final proof of certification (Signed DBF Certificate)*DBF Pre-requisites for Level I participants (highly recommended but not required- consult DBF for exceptions): Must currently hold or be enrolled to receive, within six months after DBF Certification, a certification from a nationally recognized fitness association (AFAA, ACE, NASM, ISSA, NSCA, USAT, etc.).

*DBF Pre-requisites for Level I participants (highly recommended but not required- consult DBF for exceptions):

  • Attendees should have taken at least one Barre Class or completed a Barre Class on DVD from a recognized national Barre chain.
  • Attends should have rhythm and be able to count to the beat of music – the class is choreographed to music.
  • Background in any and all forms of dance, Pilates, yoga, zumba, group exercise preferred and recommended.


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Elizabeth Vino, CPBA, CPVA - Owner & Barre Virtuoso - Miss Vino’s professional experience includes extensive dance training, performance and teaching. She has found her life’s calling instructing Barre, it combines her ever-present love and passion for the arts with her enthusiasm and gift for teaching. Elizabeth has enjoyed an extensive career in Corporate Training and Development serving as a Consultant for large corporations throughout the U.S. including Lockheed Martin1–working with airport security personnel after 9/11. The unique combination of Elizabeth’s corporate training expertise, dance and fitness acumen and published author for American Fitness magazine makes her a tremendous partner for us.

Dara Vino, PA-C, MMS – Owner, assisting in facilitations of Barre Certifications nationally, Dara Vino received her early classical ballet training in New Jersey with Madame Irene Fokine. She holds a certification and licensure with the State of Colorado Licensed Physician Assistant and is a member of the American Academy of Physician Assistants and Neurology. Her area of specialty is Orthopedics and Movement Disorders. Her background in ballet and medicine has afforded her a very comprehensive expertise which contributed to and influenced the creation of the Definitive Barre Fitness concept and most importantly, its safe and effective choreography.

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