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The Heartland Spa and Fitness Studio

Lake Geneva Spa at Bella Vista Suites

In appreciation of our hotel guests and local community members, Bella Vista Suites and Heartland Spa are now offering new wellness enhancements. We would like to help you relax and unwind in our newly renovated spa. Our professional staff will customize our services to fit your needs and help you feel your best!

For more information please feel free to contact the Bella Vista Suites and Heartland Spa staff at | 262-248-2100

Massages and Energy Balancing


Heartland Relaxation Massage

25 MINUTES – $70
50 MINUTES – $95
75 MINUTES – $120

This massage is surrounded by warm glowing Himalayan Salt Lamps and calming music to slow down your heart rate and breathing. We encourage our clients to relax in the whirlpool located in the pool area, or enjoy their In-Suite Jacuzzi prior to their massage to loosen their muscles and receive the ultimate benefits of their massage.

Heartland Deep Tissue Massage

50 MINUTES – $120
75 MINUTES – $150

Deep tissue massage is used to release chronic muscle tension or knots, also known as “adhesions”. These are typically found in the neck, low back and shoulders. Many people will ask for more pressure, thinking that the therapist will release all of their knots in a one-hour session. This will not happen. In fact if this is a chronic condition, a qualified therapist should be able to provide a treatment plan that would include a home exercise program, working on your posture and relaxation techniques.


Heartland Couples Massage

50 MINUTES – $190
75 MINUTES – $240

Our Heartland Couples Massage is designed to be shared with a loved one, family member or best friend while indulging in side by side services. We encourage our clients to relax in the whirlpool located in the pool area, or enjoy in their In-Suite Jacuzzi prior to their massage to loosen their muscles and receive the ultimate benefits of their massage.

Aromatherapy Massage

50 Minutes - $115

This massage works in combination with pure essential oils to enhance energy flow throughout the body and lymphatic system.


Prenatal Massage

75 MINUTES – $130

The perfect escape for mommies-to-be, this relaxing spa service helps relieve both physical and emotional tension. If you are still in your first trimester, we require a doctor’s note for this service. * Please review spa policies if you are expecting.

tiger shell

Tiger Shell Massage


This all natural, self-heating technology combines a blend of minerals with water, this unique system creates a consistent, reliable, and powerful heat, without electricity. These simple, all natural ingredients create no harmful byproducts and are environmentally friendly.

Reiki Energy Balancing Massage

25 MINUTES – $70
50 MINUTES – $100

Energy Work, simply put, is any system or tool a trained practitioner uses to focus on the Universal Life Force Energy that flows through us all with the intention of helping the client achieve balance and wellness on all levels—body, mind and spirit. Energy work requires only a sincere and open mind, as the response of the client has as much to do with his or her willingness to receive as the practitioner’s willingness to be a vessel of healing energy.

Energy Work affects everyone differently. Results can be subtle or dramatic depending on your body’s needs. Some people are energized, some feel a sense of calm, and some even fall asleep. You might feel some tingling, “pops”, warmth or even coolness. All of this is perfectly normal; allow it to happen.

Benefits Include: Stress relief, better sleep, pain management & relief, feeling of well-being, and detoxification.

For more information email | 262-248-2100 or visit Heartland Spa located in the Lake View Lobby of The Bella Vista Suites.

FACIALS & Skin Services


Heartland Customized Facial

25 MINUTES – $70
50 MINUTES – $95
75 MINUTES – $120

Relax and unwind as you receive our fully customized facial. Our estheticians will customize your facial treatment based on your skin type. We use the Skin Fitness Therapy skin care line in order to provide the right combination of cleansers and moisturizers that will achieve the best results for your skin type.

Heartland Back Facial

25 Minutes - $70

This treatment provides a deep-pore cleansing and conditioning of the back area. Designed for oily, acne or congested skin, it includes an exfoliation and mud-detox treatment.


Gentlesman's Facial

25 Minutes - $70
50 Minutes - $95

A thorough cleansing is a necessity for your skin’s health. Similar to Heartland’s Customized Facial, this has been designed specifically for men. Take it from our previous male guests, you will enjoy this “awesome” treatment and will emerge feeling like a new man!

Heartland Chemical Exfoliation

25 Minutes - $70

Accelerating dead cell removal, this effective treatment will give the skin a silky texture by smoothing lines, lightening hyperpigmenation (sun spots), controlling breakouts and oil production all while leaving your face radiant and revitalized.



50 MINUTES – $120
75 MINUTES – $140

The perfect combination of a massage and a facial. This service is dedicated to customizing the perfect facial for your skin type and includes a massage to relieving tension in your back, neck and shoulders (the areas of your body that carry the majority of stress).

Heartland Facial & Chemical Peel

50 MINUTES – $135
75 MINUTES – $155

A perfect combination of our Heartland Customized Facial and Heartland Chemical Peel, this luxurious treatment will leave you feeling refreshed with a healthy, smooth complexion.

Seasonal Boot Camp Facial

50 MINUTES – $145

Ask about our seasonal facials. This is an infusion to help repair, recharge, and restore your skin to its natural energized, radiant appearance. This treatment help to recreate and maintain a glowing, ageless appearance.


Mini Feet, Hands or Scalp Massage

10 MINUTES – $20

Take time to give your feet, hands or scalp an extra 10 minutes of love! Stimulation of the feet, hands or scalp 
through massage is an action performed to bring about relaxation and healing. Relaxing the extremities of body 
through massage may prevent the harmful effects of stress from taking a toll on the body. A regular foot massage can 
offer protection against many diseases that are associated with stress.
For more information call 262-248-2100 or visit the Front Desk at the Bella Vista Suites.

Spa Policies

Cancellation Policy

Reservations must be changed or cancelled at least 24 hours prior to the appointment time. Failure to cancel at least 24 hours prior to appointment time will result in 100% of the services being charged to the credit card on file. We also recommend booking your spa services as soon as possible to get your desired appointment time. Rescheduling your appointment is based on staff availability and is not recommended due to the large number of guest visiting and requiring services.

Health Conditions for Spa Service Modifications

You are very important to us and we want to make sure your spa experience exceeds your expectations. Please notify the spa team member when booking your appointments if you have any physical ailments, disabilities, are pregnant, have allergies, diabetes, high/low blood pressure, or if you are taking any medications. If you are pregnant and in your first trimester, you will be required to provide permission from your Doctor to receive spa services. Thank you for your cooperation. We want our staff to be prepared in advance so we can provide the best possible spa treatment or therapy possible.

For more information call 262-248-2100 or visit the Front Desk at the Bella Vista Suites.